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May 29, 2024

Maximizing E-commerce Success: Benefits of Accurate Product Attribute Mapping

As humans we all have specific characteristics that make us unique from other individuals. The same goes with ECommerce products. Products also have attributes that set them apart from others. The more attributes the rich your product presents. Product attributes are essential for quicker consumer decisions about which products they want to purchase.

Proper attributes mapped show the richness of the product, give the customer better idea about the looks, variations, size etc of the product.

Proper Product Attributes

But how do proper product attributes influence your sales? Let’s find out what are the benefits of proper attributes mapping.

What Are Product Attributes?

Product attributes refer to the specific characteristics or qualities that describe a product. These attributes provide detailed information about the product’s features, specifications, and characteristics, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions.

E-commerce product attributes don’t change. But the attributes ECommerce store owners choose to show consumers will change based on a particular shopping ad, the brand, and/or the customer.

Product Attributes are important as they provide purchasers with significant information about your products. More specific product’s attributes can increase the chances of persuading customers to purchase your products. 

Let’s proceed and look into the benefits of proper product attribute mapping. 

4 Benefits Of Proper Attributes Mapping

In the context of Google Merchant Center (GMC), proper product attribute mapping is essential for optimizing product data feeds and ensuring accurate representation of products in Google Shopping.

1. Improved Visibility

Product attributes help Google understand more about your products and how they are relevant to the audience’s search query. When you accurately map your product attributes to specific fields in Google Merchant Center, your products are more likely to feature on search results in Google shopping.

Improve Visibility using Product Attribute Mapping

This can lead to increased product visibility, which can showcase your products to a wider audience and improve your chances of attracting more potential customers.

Want a simple way to understand this? Here’s an example. 

If you sell shirts, and you have variations for the shirts, let’s say you have multiple colors for which you have a product attribute called “color”. You would then map this attribute to the “[color]” field in GMC. This tells Google that your shirts are available in different colors, and it makes it more likely that your products will show up when someone searches for “red shirts” or “green shirts”.

More ways to improve product visibility in Google Shopping

    • High-quality product images
    • Clear and concise product descriptions
    • Set competitive prices

2. Improved Product Data Quality

Google Merchant Center has specific guidelines and requirements for product attributes. These guidelines are designed to ensure that data you provide is proper, accurate, complete and related to the specific product. There are some common mistakes which E-Commerce makes while pushing products to the merchant center and ways to fix Google Merchant Center Errors

When you properly map your product attributes to specific fields in GMC, you’re helping to ensure that your data meets these guidelines. It also means that your products are less likely to be disapproved or suspended due to non-compliance, errors, or inconsistencies in your data feed.

Check out free listing policies, and shopping ad policies to understand what things you need to take care to avoid the disapproval from the Google Merchant Center. 

3. Better Ad Performance Of Your Products

Proper product attribute mapping surely helps you improve the performance of your product ads. It ensures that the right information about your products is shown to the right people at the right time. 

When you provide accurate and detailed attributes, it helps Google understand what you are selling and who might be more interested in buying it. 

But– how can it affect my Ad performance? 

Well.. it enables Google to display your ads to the most relevant audience, increasing the chances of attracting interested customers. 

When your ads match people’s search queries and show the right product information, they are more likely to click on your ads and make a purchase. 

4. Enhance Your Recommendations

Personalization can be a very effective way to increase sales and improve the customer experience in eCommerce. By showing potential buyers products that they are likely to be interested in, businesses can increase the chances of making a sale and building customer loyalty.

And that’s where proper product attribute mapping helps you. 

With proper product attributes & understanding of the way customers behave– you could make more personalized and smarter recommendations.

For example, you could make recommendations based on such factors as particular size or color preferences. And more personalized recommendations will likely result in more conversions. 

Done with some useful benefits of proper product attributes mapping. Now let’s understand what are the practices you can follow to optimize your product data. 

In short… proper product attributes will be a magnet for your ECommerce store that attracts more customers and make them the buyers of your product. 


If you want a solution that helps you map product attributes, manage product feed, check product approval status & everything related to your product feed to Google Merchant Center– Conversios by far one of the best solutions. 

Even, I recommend you to use Conversios. You don’t need to toil hard to do proper attribute mapping of your products, just download the Conversios tool and see the magic happen! 

Before signing off, let’s delve into some common questions people have related to product attribute mapping.


What is the difference between Product benefits and Product Attributes? 

An attribute is used to describe the characteristics or properties of something. A feature is often described as a prominent attribute. The attributes of a product don’t change. But which attributes you choose to show will vary depending on the campaign, customer, or brand. E.g., the Product attributes of a shirt are the special components that the shoe is made from.

What’s the purpose of attributes in the product feed?

In E-commerce advertising, product attributes play an important role. They provide detailed information about a product that helps users find what they’re looking for.

How product attributes affect your marketing strategy? 

Product attributes have a big influence on your marketing strategy. They have an impact on consumer perception, purchasing decisions, and target audience. You can create appealing marketing messages by emphasizing distinctive qualities, addressing specific consumer categories, and improving overall product appeal, resulting in greater sales and brand loyalty.

How do I add attributes to Google Merchant Center? 

You can manually add product attributes to Google Merchant Center. But it can be tough and time-consuming. The best option for you is to use Conversios plugin. With Conversios you not only add attributes to Google Merchant Center, you can manage your product feed. Explore more features of Conversios Product Feed Manager now.

What are the required attributes for Google Product Feed?

Here are the required attributes for Google Product Feed: id, title, description, link, image_link, price, condition, availability, brand, and gtin.

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