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Our Story

One opportunity used wisely can change your life dramatically!

Conversios was born out of the sweet spot arising out of the rapid acceleration in the e-commerce industry and our ability to provide plugins that are unique. During a calculated experimentation to build Excel plugins, we were able to innovate with WordPress and created a highly functional plugin that was lapped up rapidly by thousands of users in no time. We chose to make the most of this success and replicated the plugin for Magento and Shopify. The result – more than 50,000 customers benefiting from our innovation. Thus began our journey to build an entity that has as its vision a promise to enable digital business owners to attain higher margins and revenue via our tools and application. At Conversios, we are very sure of what we are building and where we are headed. With growth slated at a rapid percentage, we did what we do best – put together a world class agile roadmap, brought together the right people, created the right product and marketed it to the right audience. As we aim to continue providing value in terms of tools, plugins and applications, watch us grow at a quick pace with a young and dynamic team that is raring to innovate, learn and perform at the same time!

Why should people work with us?

At Conversios, we pride ourselves on being adaptable to the fast growing industry, therefore the roles that we perform are highly trendy and meaningful. A typical workday at Conversios is far from being routine or monotonous. We look for focussed performance, quality output and calculated yet quick decision making to achieve our targets. Professionals who are looking for “not just a job” but a role with a purpose should join Conversios. If you join our team, you can expect to spend your days doing some ‘out of the box’ thinking, learning novel skills, getting the freedom to try new things, building new solutions and in doing all this, you will not be alone! You can expect the entire team rooting for you when you suggest something you believe in. However, being our team member comes with heightened responsibility. We expect you to own what you do and do it with complete sincerity. So if your head and heart is in the right place and you are looking to make a mark in your professional career, come on over and join us to create an amazing team!

Current Openings

Experience required : 2 – 4 years

Skills required : React.js, Node.js, Shopify

Experience required : 2 – 5 years

Skills required : WordPress, My SQL, PHP, Javascript