June 25, 2024 review_img
As a non-developer, I have to say that the plugin has very good documentation. I had no problems with functionality; however, twice I had to reach out to support, and the response time and quality were amazing. Giving it 5/5 without hesitation.As non developer I have to say, that the plugin has very good documentation. Had not any problem with functionality, however twice I had to reach out to support and the response time and quality were amazing. Giving 5/5 withouthesitation.
May 29, 2024 review_img
Excellent Functionality Support
I have had nothing but success working with this plugin on multiple sites and in various scenarios. The plugin itself is great, does what it’s supposed to, and is easy enough to implement—but if you do find yourself stuck on a part, this support team will get you squared away.The latest implementation I used this for was an e-commerce site that is set up a little different, and I couldn’t figure out a couple of things. I contacted support, honestly expecting that not to go far (as is true with most plugin devs), but in the case of Conversios and the support I received – abolsutley top notch. Responsive, focused, detail-oriented, solved every issue/question I had, and pleasant to work with.
Matt Gottlieb
May 29, 2024 review_img
Excellent functionaly and great support
The plug works well and saves from having a lot of other plugins or custom code. The event tracking is key and makes it easy to work with google tag manager for woocommerce data. Also they are very responsive if you have an issue and were able to help diagnose if there was a setup issue. Highly recommend.
Martijn Bosma
May 6, 2024 review_img
Very helpful support
There was a conflict between 2 plugins which caused a weird issue on the site in the shopping cart. Customer service was quick to reply and was able to solve the issue. Very helpful and friendly communication.
April 12, 2024 review_img
Excellent support from the conversios team!
I thank them very much and I rate them 5 stars which they really deserve.
Navidahmed Saraswala
April 2, 2024 review_img
Very helpful plugin
If you are running business with data analysis Beneficial plugin for data analysis. Now, we do not need to rely on different tracking apps. Great technical support, many thanks to Avinash and Aishwarya. We just shared our needs and they configured as per our needs. They earned a happy customer with their hard work. Appreciations!!
March 24, 2024 review_img
Conversios Google Analytics 4Conversios has made my life so much easier
As an online business owner! The app's integration with multiple platforms and user-friendly interface make it a breeze to track website traffic and monitor advertising campaigns
February 2, 2024 review_img
Conversios support was amazing! I highly recommend the Conversios GA4 & Ads Tracking App!!
Conversios GA4 & Ads Tracking fixed our Microsoft/Bing ad tracking that was broken for over a month! The App works with Shopify accounts that also use the Google & YouTube and the Microsoft Shopping Apps. Their support was amazing! I highly recommend the Conversios GA4 & Ads Tracking App!!
Bharat Adroja
December 27, 2023 review_img
Excellent Support and Easy Configuration
I recently implemented GA4 with Google Tag Manager for my Magento store, and I couldn't be happier with the services provided by CONVERSIOS SYSTEMS LLC. The support was exceptional, and the configuration process was straightforward.
December 20, 2023 review_img
Brilliant app and 10/10 customer service
Conversios GA4 & Ads TrackingWe're so pleased to one app which looks after all of our Google & Meta conversion tracking. Conversios is super easy to set up yourself with guided prompts the whole way through.We contacted the Conversios team to ask for help in double checking that everything was set up correctly and they responded very fast and had a Zoom booked within a few hours for them to check set up and test events.Thank you for providing a brilliant app and 10/10 customer service
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