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5 Best Analytics Plug-in On WordPress

WordPress is the top choice for online entities to showcase their offerings on the internet. Among online entities, businesses love using WooCommerce as their top choice for selling their products online. Both WordPress and WooCommerce are free to use. In addition, this software can be extended using paid/free plugins that significantly increase their functionality.

One of the top requirements of online businesses is analytics. WordPress WooCommerce comes with dedicated plugins for providing detailed reporting of business data. This article examines 5 of the best plugins for analytic reporting. But first, let’s go through some of the concepts of the universe of analytics reporting:

  1. Google Analytics: This platform compiles website visitor data. This is synthesized into reports that provide buyer insights. Google Analytics can be integrated into WordPress by a simple plugin integration in WooCommerce.
  2. Google Shopping Campaigns Data: You can access this data by linking your Google Ads and Analytics accounts and enabling auto-tagging. It is a great way to analyze the performance of your Google Shopping Campaigns. For example, you can know the product types/categories that contribute the most to sales.
  3. Google Merchant Center: This solution from Google enables you to reach customers throughout the various Google networked platforms. You can also derive actionable insights from the reports gleaned via this platform.
  4. Google Ads: When you want to reach targeted customers via Google, Google Ads is what you need. However, this tool doesn’t give you detailed market insights – if you want those, you need Google Analytics set up.
  5. PMax: This is a new concept in online analytics. PMax allows you to supercharge online sales and in-store visits and generate leads independently of Google Merchant Center. The PMax asset report lets you compare asset performance.

From here, let’s move on to the world of the top 5 WordPress WooCommerce analytics plugins. Detailed market insights for WordPress sites are readily available by integrating analytics plugins with the platform.

5 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress Woocommerce

#1 Analytics Plugin: Conversios For WooCommerce

This product can be set up in 5 minutes. The end-to-end Google Shopping product feed can be automated with dynamic remarketing. Integrate the Google Analytics tracking features using this plugin – quickly and easily. Track and glean insights on the data that matters so you can plan your business growth. Find out more about this exciting Analytics Plugin.

Conversios is a premium Google Ads partner. With over 40,000 businesses across 150 countries using this plugin, its popularity is rising fast. Understand shopper behavior across the user journey by understanding their online actions. This plugin helps in:

  1. Understanding likes and preferences
  2. Shopper tracking
  3. Providing a better experience
  4. Removing obstacles to conversion

Key Plugin Features:

  1. No developer needed, easy setup
  2. Get essential data on the user journey
  3. Integrate Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, and Google Shopping
  4. Get critical reports, including Checkout Behavior, Shopping Behavior, Sales Performance, Product Performance, and eCommerce events tracking.
  5. Create a smart shopping campaign.
  6. Pmax support

Quick video to understand features and how it works

This plugin has one free and three pro versions based on your requirements. Check them out and buy them here.

#2 Analytics Plugin: Monster Insights For WooCommerce

Another popular analytics plugin for WooCommerce is Monster Insights. There are several reasons to use this plugin. These are:

  1. It has three million+ active installations.
  2. It shows valuable information/website stats that will allow you to increase sales.
  3. You don’t need to hire a developer to use it.
  4. See reports within the WordPress dashboard.
  5. Used by top firms like Microsoft, Subway, Bloomberg, etc.
  6. Enjoy several useful reports like Audience Report, Publishers Report, Behavior Report, Content Report, ECommerce Report, Forms Report, Search Console Report, Customer Dimensions Report, and Site Speed Report.
  7. Great WooCommerce Integration.
  8. Easy GDPR compliance.
  9. Tracking of users across platforms and devices
  10. Track Google Affiliate Links
  11. The Custom Dimensions Add-on enables WordPress Stats for several helpful tracking areas.
  12. Future proof – track both Google Analytics 3 and Google Analytics 4.
  13. Works excellent for WordPress multisite.

This plugin is excellent for tracking the customer journey. It comes with both a free and a pro version.

#3 Analytics Plugin: Metorik For WooCommerce

This Plugin is highly customizable with several reporting templates. Sales professionals will love the detailed sales coverage, including – gross and net sales, number of orders and items, average values, and several other sales reports. It works great for sales forecasting as well.

Some of the other reported metrics include:

  1. Hourly and daily sales
  2. The volume of new and returning customers
  3. Best insights
  4. Bestsellers vs. worst sellers
  5. Orders about time
  6. Item count distribution vs. order value distribution
  7. Key performance indicators for all categories

This plugin works when you have a Metorik account or store. Metorik is a paid service.

Key Features Of Metorik:
  1. Fast Speed

    The plugin is super fast. Get detailed reports quickly. Speed up your site.

  2. Varied Metrics

    Get everything from customer lifetime value to almost any data metric you can think of.

  3. Ultimate Segmentation

    Segment and export your data with ease. Export segmented data quickly. Zero in on the exact piece of information you want, quick and straightforward.

  4. Automated Emails

    Metorik Engage allows you to send emails to every customer that fits your (chosen) criteria. You also get comprehensive reports on email performance.

  5. Cart Tracking/Reporting

    Track carts for stats like open, engaged and abandoned carts. Send emails to customers with abandoned carts to complete the buying process.

  6. Integrations For Customer Service

    Integrate with services like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and Intercom.

  7. Integrate With Google Analytics

    Connect with your Google Analytics account easily.

  8. Automated Report Delivery

    Get reports sent by email as well as Slack.

  9. Integration With WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Synchronize with WooCommerce subscriptions and receive automated reports daily.

  10. Great Support

    Get quick and helpful support.

  11. Unlimited Team Members

    Add unlimited team members with specific roles and permissions

#4 Analytics Plugin: Product Feed Pro For WooCommerce

This fantastic plugin allows you to generate product feeds for various marketing channels like Google Merchant Center, Google Shopping, Facebook, Bing, and more. Unlimited feeds and products are supported. You can add a Google Dynamic Remarketing pixel to your site and align it with your feeds.

Some of the critical features of this plugin are:

  1. Set any filter or rule you want.
  2. Set any attribute type you want, including custom, dynamic, and product attributes.
  3. Map field attributes to chosen channels.
  4. Easily create a product field matching Google’s requirements.
  5. Add custom fields.
  6. Add static field values.
  7. Map your categories exactly to your marketing channel (like Google Shopping).
  8. Very compatible with Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping.
  9. Compatible with Google Analytics.
  10. Supports the official WooCommerce plugin for shipping table rates.
  11. Tracks website conversions accurately by connecting to your Conversion API.
  12. Support for WPML and WCML in the elite version.

In addition to the above features, this analytics plugin comes with various useful options.

#5 Analytics Plugin: Pixel Manager For WooCommerce

This plugin provides valuable market insights by tracking WooCommerce visitors, including dynamic remarketing data. The Payment Gateway Accuracy Report throws light on redirect issues and is the only report of its kind.

The plugin comes with the following integrations:

  1. Google Analytics Pixel
  2. Google Ads Pixel
  3. Google Optimize Pixel
  4. Meta Ads Pixel
  5. Microsoft Ads Pixel
  6. Hotjar Pixel
  7. TikTok Ads Pixel
  8. Pinterest Ads Pixel
  9. Twitter Ads Pixel

The plugin comes with several features in the free version and even more in the pro version.


If you use WooCommerce – the most popular digital marketing platform, you are spoilt for choice regarding analytics plugins. Although WooCommerce has prebuilt analytics, using one of these five reporting tools gives you much more power at your disposal.

These top 5 WooCommerce and WordPress analytics plugins let you know your business’s pros and cons. Track statistics of all kinds and glean essential information that will simplify your business decisions.

Business growth comes from understanding your operations, products, and customers. These detailed and easy-to-use tools will give your business the cutting edge in strategy.

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