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January 5, 2023

Mastering Facebook Pixel for E-commerce: Conversion Tracking Guide

Meta Pixel, or as we all know it, Facebook Pixel is a magic ingredient that drives your whole ecommerce sales. It helps you in tracking conversions, retargeting campaigns, and creating custom audiences.

Facebook Pixel helps you to optimize your campaigns and target your audience with laser focus. It is a must-have tool if you are running Facebook ads for your ecommerce store. 

In this article, we would tell you what is Meta Pixel (aka Facebook Pixel) and how can we track 5 meta-pixel standard events.

So, Are you ready?


Cool! Let’s get an idea about what Meta Pixel actually is and how it can be useful to ecommerce business owners.

What is Meta Pixel and How Does It Work?

Meta Pixel, formerly known as Facebook Pixel is a piece of javascript code that is inserted into the backend of your website. It is used to track how users interact with your website. It starts collecting useful information from the backend as the user performs different actions like product view, page view, add to cart, etc

The Facebook pixel then uses this information to create a custom audience and do conversion tracking from Facebook ads. It helps in measuring the ROI of your Instagram and Facebook Ads and creating lookalike audiences for retargeting.

Why Should You Install Meta Pixel?

Well, you don’t want to miss out on those extra dollars of ad spend or do you?

By installing the Facebook pixel, you can track every action that a user performs and optimize your campaigns to get the maximum ROI.

man sleeping on money

Yeah, this can be you if you don’t burn unnecessary money on Facebook ads without analyzing them. If you still aren’t convinced then here are a few more reasons why you should install the Meta Pixel on your site:

1. Creating Custom Audiences

Imagine you are the owner of an ecommerce business and you get a chance to market your product to those who have already shown interest in your product.

Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Well, this is what exactly the meta pixel allows you to do. It creates a custom audience from the backend by collecting information about those people who have shown interest in your products.

You can target these people and get high returns by running Facebook and Instagram Ads specifically for them.

2. Measure the ROI on Facebook Ad spend

If you are running ads without having the FB pixel added in the backend, you are simply burning money as Facebook would not be able to provide an audience for retargeting.

burning money

Even if you don’t have any pixels installed yet, you can install it now and it will start showing data right away.

Having a meta pixel allows you to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns and increase conversions. It will tell you exactly what is working and what isn’t!

3. Create Lookalike Audiences

Facebook can help you to create lookalike audiences by taking inspiration from your custom audience. It helps you to expand your reach by creating a list of people with similar interests, likes, and demographics based on its research and the data provided by your retargeting pixel.

spiderman meme

4. Run Dynamic Product Ads

Have you seen the ad for a product that you just abandoned?

And you instantly buy it after seeing that ad!

Well, that helpful friend of yours is Meta pixel. It allows ecommerce businesses to run dynamic product ads and target

customers exactly for a particular product. This feature is kind of a boon for all the ecommerce owners out there!

I guess you have got enough reasons already. So, let’s see how to install a pixel now!

How To Install Meta Pixel with Conversios?

We believe you have already created a pixel by now, so we will tell you how we can move further and integrate it into your woocommerce store.

Steps To Install Meta Pixel on Your Woocommerce Store

Here are the steps for installing the pixel code on your woocommerce website:

Step 1: Create a Facebook Pixel
Step 2: Install Conversios Plugin
Step 3: Add Pixel Id in the box given below
Step 4: Enjoy! Your job is done! Track those conversions now!


meta pixel installation with conversios

You saw that 👀 It was this easy!

You just weren’t introduced to Conversios yet! 

Its true gif

5 Meta Pixel Standard Events For WooCommerce

Although Meta has 17 pixel standard events, these five are the ones you cannot live without! Have a look at them here 👇

#1 View Content

View content event helps you to know the type of audience and their interests. It fires (gets active) when someone is viewing specific content on your page.


view content event

You can set these pixel events for your landing pages or product pages and then retarget those audiences with Facebook ads and get those conversions. An interesting thing to note here is that the event would only be able to tell whether someone visits a web page and not what they see or do there.

Pro Tip💡: Use the “view content” event on your landing pages where you want customers to land and retarget them with ads to 2x your conversions!

#2 Add To Cart

Add to Cart event is really useful for ecommerce stores as they want to track how their offers are working. You can use this event to track whether running an offer or sale helps to increase conversions or not. This event would be helpful for email marketing as you can send retargeting mails to abandoned cart customers and make a sale.

add to cart event

Pro Tip💡: Use the “Add To Cart” event during your “BOGO sale” or “50% sale” to know whether your sale has impacted purchases or not. Also, collect that data to send retargeting mails and ads to your customers and get that sale.

#3 Initiate Checkout

As the name suggests, “the initiate checkout” event helps in tracking the users who have clicked on the “checkout” option. It is the first step of the checkout process.

meta pixel id checkout event

Pro Tip💡: Send emails with new offers or seasonal sales to the audience that gets collected by the “initiate checkout” page. They would be more reluctant to buy as compared to the new audience.

#4 Start Trial

This meta-pixel event is mainly useful when you are offering a free product or service for trial. This would help ecommerce businesses to take feedback from the present audience and improve their product or services for paid users.

free trial event

Pro Tip💡: Using this event, the ecommerce or B2B SaaS industry can push their free customers to opt for the paid versions.

#5 Purchase

Purchase Event is the end of the checkout process. It gets fired when a customer lands on the “Thank You” or “Confirmation” page. This event is really essential to acknowledge the sales that you are doing and verify them with the development team.

meta pixel "thank you" event

Pro Tip💡: Use the “Purchase” event on your “Thank You” page and assign a value to that in Google Analytics. By doing this you can get the exact amount of revenue generated from your product.


We tried to cover everything about Meta Pixel and how it will be beneficial to your ecommerce business. You can do Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking and get great insights about your audience and their behavior.

Conversios help you in integrating the meta pixel with just a click and track conversions for your products. We have more than 50,000+ users on Woocommerce and have launched on Magento and Shopify recently.

You can integrate other pixels like Snapchat ads pixel, Pinterest pixel, and TikTok pixel, and can also connect GA4 and Google Merchant Center within a few seconds. Check our Conversios plugin and contact us for any assistance.

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