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July 10, 2023

5 User-Friendly Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugins

Ladies and gentlemen, pixel enthusiasts and WordPress wizards gather around! We all know conversion tracking is important. And many of you know that adding Facebook pixels to your website is important for conversion tracking. But do you know? 

More than 1.3 Million websites are using Facebook Pixel. 

And then, obviously tracking with FB Pixel for WordPress is important. 

Now, imagine a world where every click and every conversion is a precious puzzle piece. A piece that helps you unlock the secrets of your audience’s interests. Picture yourself harnessing the power of FB Pixel. That mystical little code, to supercharge your marketing efforts and propel your business to dazzling heights. 

Well, crazy enthusiasts, with these 5 incredible plugins your dreams are about to become a reality! Before that, let’s quickly summarize what Facebook Pixel is. 

What is Facebook Pixel? 

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you add to your website to track the actions of your visitors. With Facebook Pixel, you can track conversions, create custom audiences, and optimize your Facebook Ads. When someone visits your website and takes an action (such as making a purchase or filling out a form) Facebook Pixel will track that action and add it to your Facebook Ads account.

Countries like the US, Brazil, UK, Australia, etc. are majorly relying on Facebook pixel for their marketing efforts. With such a wide audience on Facebook and the huge adoption of Facebook pixel around the world- you need to read the whole article to get the best out of it. 

How to use Facebook Pixel on WordPress? 

Adding FB Pixel to your WordPress website can be a difficult task for you and especially if you are not a developer. One mistake and you have to deal with some major issues on your WordPress website. 

In such cases, using a WordPress plugin is always a good option. But which option is the best among them? To answer that question, we’ve mentioned the top 5 Facebook Pixel plugins that you can install for your website. 

Let’s roam around the best tools and stop our car at the best among them!

Top 5 Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

Here are the top five FB Pixel WordPress plugins that can enhance your marketing strategy. 

1. Conversios 

Conversios Plugin that provides Facebook Pixel and other marketing pixels

Conversios tool is a Facebook pixel WordPress plugin that provides truck-loaded features for your ecommerce store. This plugin helps you integrate and track user behavior with the help of marketing pixels such as Facebook Pixel, Microsoft Ads Pixel, TikTok Pixel, Pinterest Pixel, Twitter Pixel & Snapchat Pixel.

Additionally, it helps you add google analytics to your website, which is extremely helpful for you to understand user behavior from one platform. 

If you have already used Facebook Pixel, you may know about Facebook Conversion API for woocommerce as well. 

The best thing about Conversios that make it #1 on the list is- ‘It is a no-code tool’. You don’t need to have prior knowledge of coding and you don’t need to depend on developers at all. No-code functionality makes it easier and safer for you to integrate Facebook Pixel with your website. 

-Conversios works on GTM-based implementation. With powerful GTM data layer automation, you have full control of pre-built tags (70), triggers, and variables. Whether you have your own GTM or not- Conversios can integrate Facebook pixel in just a few clicks. 

Conversios tool can be your ecommerce success guide as it covers all the features necessary to find an ecommerce tracking strategy. Let’s quickly peek into the powerful features of the Conversios Facebook Pixel plugin for WordPress. 

Key Features

Conversios tool offers a wide range of features that can help you track your users’ journey, from the moment they land on your website to the moment they make a purchase. With our tool, you can:

  • Integrate Marketing Pixel to accurately track user behavior

Our tool makes it easy to integrate Marketing Pixel with your website. This will allow you to track user behavior on your website, such as which pages they visit, how long they spend on each page, and what actions they take.

  • Connect GA4 for advanced Ecommerce tracking

GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics. It offers a number of features that can help you track your E-commerce business.

  • Connect your Google Ads account

Our tool makes it easy to connect your Google Ads account. This will allow you to track the performance of your Google Ads campaigns and make informed decisions about your marketing budget.

  • Integrate FB Pixel and FB Conversion API in just a few clicks

Our tool makes it easy to integrate FB Pixel and FB Conversion API with your website. This will allow you to track user behavior on your website and measure the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns.

  • Automate Product Feed to Google Merchant Center

Our tool makes it easy to automate your product feed to Google Merchant Center. This will allow you to list your products on Google Shopping and reach a wider audience.

  • Run PMax campaigns to increase the visibility of your products

PMax campaigns are a type of Google Ads campaign that allows you to reach your target audience across Google’s Display Network, YouTube, and Search Network. Our tool makes it easy to create and manage PMax campaigns.

  • Easy and simple integration, even a beginner can easily install and use it

Our tool is easy to install and use. Even a beginner can set it up and start using it within minutes.

In addition to the above features, If you have your website built on Woocommerce- Conversios can be your first choice. With Woocommerce Google Analytics 4, you can easily understand the data that is difficult to understand from Google Analytics 4. You can see the pre-built reports such as the Ecommerce conversion funnel, product performance report, campaign performance report, and more. 

If you want to take your ecommerce game 3 levels ahead then you can explore more features and pricing of the Conversios plugin today.

2. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights WordPress plugin

MonsterInsights is another excellent Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin that offers easy and faster integration. Same as Conversios, MonsterInsights also integrates Google Analytics accounts with your website without any coding required. You will save time and money ( that you probably spend on developers) in this case as well. 

Once you have installed the MonsterInsights plugin, you need to download multiple plugins to keep an eye on your marketing efforts. You can add Google Analytics., FB Pixel, etc using Google Tag Manager.

MonsterInsights is a great addition to the list and it is more inclined towards Google Analytics features. If you want a more advanced plugin for google analytics- let’s see the features of MonsterInsights.

Key Features

  • Easy and simple Google Ads conversion tracking
  • Social media and referral tracking from the tool
  • Advanced form tracking features
  • Advanced content and author tracking
  • Video play tracking 
  • Outbound and affiliate link tracking

Although MonsterInsights have truck-loaded features for Google Analytics, the higher pricing can create a dilemma for you while choosing the best Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin

3. PixelYourSite

PixelYourSite Facebook Pixel plugin

PixelYourSite is one of the best Facebook Pixel WordPress plugins. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features that can help you improve your Facebook Ads campaigns. 

Moreover, PixelYourSite will automatically track vital steps and render them at your configured pixels. Such as page scroll, comments, form submission, downloads, and more. Nevertheless, PixelYourSite enables Google Analytics 4 integration for Ecommerce with ease. It also offers dual tracking as you can integrate your website with Universal Analytics (GA3) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4). 

Key Features

  • Advanced event tracking for precise monitoring of page views, purchases, form submissions, and custom events
  • Add facebook pixel tracking code that automatically keeps track of all your essential data with global events
  • Quickly activate your events and post them on social networks (Facebook, Google, Pinterest)
  • Well-integrated with e-commerce plugins such as Woocommerce
  • A/B testing functionality for optimizing ads and identifying the best-performing variations

Additionally, it enables you to manage your Facebook Pixel plugin, implement Facebook Conversion API on your WooCommerce site, and add your UA or GA4 with just one plugin. You can also add any other script to your website if necessary using the Head & Footer feature.

Explore the website and check the pricing page to know more about the plugin and how it can add value to your ecommerce store.

4. Pixel Cat

Pixel Cat Plugin

Pixel Cat is a superb WordPress plugin that helps you track your website visitors and improve your marketing campaigns. It does this by automatically tracking various events on your website, such as page views, form submissions, and purchases. This data can then be used to create custom audiences for your Facebook Ads campaigns, track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and improve your website’s conversion rate.

Pixel Cat is easy to use and has a wide range of features. It is also affordable, with a free version and a paid version that offers additional features.

If you are looking for a way to track your website visitors and improve your marketing campaigns, Pixel Cat is a great option. It is easy to use, affordable, and has a wide range of features.

Key Features

  • Automatic event tracking: Pixel Cat can automatically track various events on your website, such as page views, form submissions, and purchases.
  • Custom audience creation: Pixel Cat can help you create custom audiences for your Facebook Ads campaigns based on your website visitors’ behavior.
  • Campaign effectiveness tracking: Pixel Cat can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and help you identify which campaigns are performing the best.

If you are looking for a way to add FB pixel tracking code easily, Pixel Cat is a great option. It is easy to use, affordable, and has a wide range of features.

5. Facebook for Woocommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce plugin

Yet another useful Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin- ‘Facebook for WooCommerce’. This plugin enables you to connect your website with Facebook and Instagram. If you want to have your store on Facebook and Instagram- this tool can be your helping hand.

Using this plugin, you can have useful insights into your user behavior and also you can optimize your marketing strategies. 

The best feature of this plugin is that you can integrate Facebook Pixel & Facebook Conversion API, the same as the Conversios tool. These two tools can make your ecommerce tracking more advanced. It ensures you are tracking accurate data of your user behavior. 

Let’s look into some key features of Facebook for the Woocommerce plugin. 

Key Features

  • Let you add Facebook Pixel WordPress to track user behavior accurately
  • Data tracking with Facebook Pixel & Conversion API
  • Easy integrate your Ecommerce store to your Facebook account
  • Help your Ecommerce store to grow faster
  • Provide a lot of filters, customize your WordPress in few clicks

This tool is developed by WooCommerce. With its popularity and useful functionality- you can count on it as a reliable Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin. 

End of the list of our (especially recommended) top 5 WordPress plugins that can be a game changer for your Ecommerce store in 2023 as well as 2024.

If I’m on your place; I would definitely go with Conversios. Not because it’s in the #1 in this list but such features and easiness it have. So, my answer of this whole question is ‘Go for Conversios’. So, let’s snoop into the setup process of FB Pixel to your WordPress website.

Set up FB Pixel WordPress Plugin- Conversios Way

With three easy steps, you can easily add a Facebook Pixel tracking code to your website using Conversios.

Add Facebook Pixel Using Conversios

1: Install the Conversios Plugin

2: Create Facebook Pixel

  • Go to the Facebook Business Manager account
  • Navigate to All Tools> Advertise > Event Manager
  • Click on ‘Connect Data Sources
  • And Choose the action for which you want to track user behavior i.e. web, app, etc.
  • Click on ‘Meta Pixel
  • Create a new pixel and give it a name
  • Follow the prompt to get the ‘Facebook Pixel ID

3: Add Facebook Pixel ID To The Conversios Plugin

  • Navigate to ‘Pixel Settings
  • Scroll to find ‘Meta (Facebook) Pixel ID
  • Just paste the ID here

But do you still find difficulty in setting up your Facebook Pixel? Ok, we have a solution as well. 

Check how to add facebook pixel WordPress using Conversios plugin. Here you can see the setup video or in-detailed explanation. Explore and connect FB pixel with your website in just a few minutes!

The Reliable Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

All things boiled down to these few lines as you are finding the answer to which one you should opt for. Well….. In that case.. We recommend you to scroll and check the features of Conversios. Once you install the plugin, you don’t need to go here and there for your ecommerce tracking. 

With such amazing features, easy setup, and other advantages- Conversios leads the race by a better margin. Try Conversios now and start tracking ( accurate ) user behavior. 

Follow the Conversios blogs to know more about such fruitful comparisons.


Can I use Facebook Pixel without a Facebook page? 

No. You cannot add Facebook pixel without a website. Because it needs to be installed somewhere to function correctly.

How long does Facebook Pixel keep data? 

Facebook keeps your data for 180 days. 

Can I use Facebook Pixel without ads? 

Yes. You need to create and it’s not necessary to create any paid advertising for that. 

How many pixels can you have per ad account? 

Only one. You can use that same pixel across all your websites for multiple properties. 

Thanks for reading! Let us know your query related to Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics or any ECommerce tracking feature- we will be happy to help you. Connect with us at [email protected] now.

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