Step 1: Create A Google Account For Your Business

You may already have your Gmail account linked to your Shopify store, which is great. This is enough to get access to Google Analytics. However, those who do not have a Google account must first create one. We recommend not using your personal Gmail for your Shopify store. It will protect you from future chaos.

Step 2: Create An Analytics Account

Once you are done with your Google account; you can go to to create your analytics account. In your Google Analytics dashboard go to ‘Admin’ and click on “Create Account”

Enter your account name. Configure the data you shared with Google. Click on ‘Next’. It will take you to the property setup

Create a Google Analytics 4 property to measure your web and/or app data Add details of Reporting time zone, & Currency 1) Click on ‘Next’ 2) Now, you’ll enter into the final step: tell about your business. 3) Select ‘Industry Category’ & choose the suitable category 4) Mention your ‘business size’ and ‘business objective’  5)Click on ‘Create’ and you now have the access to your Analytics account

Step 3: Connect Shopify Store With Google Analytics

Once you are ready with your Google account and Analytics account; it’s time to connect Google Analytics with your Shopify store. Install the Google Analytics tracking code into the Shopify store. Follow the steps to do so. Go to “Online Store” in the Shopify admin and click “Preferences”. Enter your Google Analytics tracking ID in the “Google Analytics” by scrolling down.

Click “Save” to connect your Shopify store with Google Analytics. Verify Whether it is working or not Go to your Shopify website and navigate to a few pages. Go back to Google Analytics and now check the ‘Real Time’ on the left-side menu. As you navigate through the pages, you will notice an increase in the number of visitors. Now you can begin using the data to improve your store’s performance and drive more sales. All set… you have all the things in place…. Go ahead.

Step 4: Install Conversios Google Analytics App For Shopify

Conversios is an app that allows you to integrate Google Analytics into your Shopify website through GTM-based implementation. It assists you in understanding where your customers are coming from and how they are navigating your Shopify store. You can identify the Ecommerce funnel gaps, so you can improve your conversion and ROI.

The best thing about the Conversios plugin is that you can use your own Google Tag Manager container with 70+ tags and triggers without affecting the site speed. “Make your Shopify store a web-sational talk of the town. “ Setup wizard to install Conversios App Install ‘The Conversios’ app from the Shopify app store

Add Property ID ( For UA) or Measurement ID ( For GA4) and other details such as website URL & Email associated with your Shopify store (Whether you want to get data from Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4- the choice is up to you )

Click on ‘Save’ to proceed further. Now you’ll be redirected to the interface as shown in the below image You need to perform two actions on this page: (1) Copy the code (2) Click on “Go to Settings”

Now You’ll be redirected to a new page; just scroll down & select ‘Order Status page’. Paste the code you have copied.

After clicking on ‘Save’ you’ll find a screen as shown in the screenshot The final step is to click on ‘Activate Block 1’ & ‘Activate Block 2’.

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