What Is The Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is a piece of code that helps you analyze user behavior and draw valuable insights. You just need to place the code on your website to understand what actions users are taking on your website. The Facebook pixel works by dropping a cookie that will track user behavior on your website. By using Facebook Pixel, you can do conversion optimization, dynamic remarketing and create custom and lookalike audiences to convert your prospects into customers.

Why Use A Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a tool that provides you with useful insights into user behavior. You can use it to optimize your Facebook Ads. You probably have a set of audiences that all differ from each other by only a couple of variables. With a lookalike audience, you can start advertising for a variety of goals. Even if you are not using that data for Facebook advertising, it can be a great addition to your marketing efforts. The collected data from the Facebook pixel is available for 180 days.

How Does Facebook Pixel Work?

Facebook Pixel is ultimately a tool that helps you understand the users and retarget them. It helps you to optimize your ad campaigns and add more personalization to convert more visitors into customers.

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