Addressing Product Sync Issues

Overview: is a German e-commerce website that offers a wide range of products including clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods. The website aims to provide a convenient and user-friendly online shopping experience to its customers. The company is based in Germany and primarily serves customers in the German market. offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount and has a flexible return policy. It also provides customer support via email and phone.Mladan Njagojevic, Chief Executive Officer – mCommerce from Germany approached us with a requirement to implement our plugin on his e-commerce website He also helps eCom businesses in building websites from scratch.

His main goal was to enhance his site with the help of Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, and Google Ads. During our initial consultation, Mladan informed us that his website has multiple products -Home Appliances. He wanted our plugin to be integrated with his website in such a way that it could provide him with a comprehensive analysis of user activity on his website and the product feed.
We provided him with a detailed explanation of how the plugin works, its features, and how it could help him achieve his goals. Mladan was satisfied with our proposal and he implemented the Conversios plugin on his website.

Problem Statement :

We faced a significant challenge in syncing his extensive product inventory of over 86,000 items to his Google Merchant Center with the help of the Conversios plugin as mentioned below.

  • Time out while Syncing the products.
  • Auto Scheduler to sync products every 12 hours
  • SKU ids were not getting pushed to the Google Merchant Center.

Approach :

We took a closer look at Mladan’s problems regarding syncing his 86,000 products. By examining his requirements, the team has tried to identify a solution that will enable him to synchronize his products more frequently. Specifically, he expressed his interest to synchronize products at least once per day since there were multiple changes being made to the products, which is a fairly demanding requirement given the sheer number of products involved. After comprehending the problem at hand and taking note of the necessary requirements, we provided him with an upgraded version of the plugin. This quick fix enabled him to synchronize their products at intervals of 12 hours every day.

In the days that followed, the product sync issue, remained unresolved while the other issues were fixed. Taking that further, our team and Mladan were both attempting to debug the problem and test the scenarios. Finally, after investigating the issue that was causing problems with product sync, we were able to identify a possible cause -dependencies on WordPress – CRON jobs (scheduled actions).

We had a restriction in WordPress where only one CRON job will work at an instance. Since the inventory was huge there were multiple CRON jobs created and got delayed due to other CRONs which were simultaneously running. In short, the products were not completely syncing to the merchant center due to the CRON job restriction/ dependencies.

After conducting a thorough analysis and consulting with the development team, it was determined that the best course of action was to create a new CRON job that would operate independently on his Server – Server side CRON. We replaced WordPress CRON with Server side CRON which will not have any dependencies or restrictions. This solution was deemed appropriate in order to fully resolve the issue at handand prevent it from recurring in the future.

Results :

Through the diligent efforts of the team, the matter was successfully resolved, providing a satisfactory outcome. As a result of these changes, we were able to successfully sync the products, and our team was able to sync a total of 86k products without any hassle. This successful synchronization indicates that the problem has been resolved, and the product sync worked as expected.

Conclusion :

Mladan was satisfied with the outcome of our engagement, and we were pleased to be able to help him address the Product sync issues he was facing on his website.

Our team of experts continues to provide ongoing support to Mladan, helping him to optimize and enhance his website to meet his business needs and objectives.

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