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February 14, 2024

Launching a Performance Max Campaign with Conversios: Step-by-Step

Google Ads Performance Max is a new type of campaign. It’s a new way to set up and optimize your campaigns that put you in more control of your advertising budget. How? By using machine learning to automatically make suggestions to help drive traffic, leads, and customers while maintaining your desired profit margins. With the launch of Performance Max, businesses can advertise across all of their Google Ads inventory including Google Search, Maps, Google Discover, Gmail, YouTube, and Display.

Setting up Performance max campaign?

Step1: Find Conversios Plug-in and install to run your Pmax campaigns

Before you start, you will need a WordPress and Google analytics account with the admin level rights to successfully setup the plugin without any hassle. Once your login to your WordPress account, you will be able to see options: add/ organize / delete plugins. Next, from the left panel, select the Plugins tab and choose Add New and search for Conversios/ enhanced/ Google analytics tracking / dynamic remarketing/ Google shopping.

For detailed guide on how to user Conversios plug-in you can read here

Conversios plugin installation

Step2: Search and Download the Conversios Plug-in

Conversios Woocommerce Plugin


Click on the Conversios plug-in on the left panel and authorize

Conversios home page

Step3: Now let’s integrate your Google ads account

In this step, let’s see how to integrate your Google ads account. Here, you have two options either you can create a new Google Ads account directly from the plugin or you can use the existing Google ads account by selecting it from the drop-down

Integrate Google Ads account

Enable Google Ads account

Send Invite to enable Google Ads account

Now, you have successfully completed setting up your Google ads account.

Bonus: Redeem your free Cash coupon when creating your new Google ads account via Conversios plugin.

Step4: Now let’s integrate your merchant center account

You can create a new Google merchant center account directly from the Woo Commerce plugin or you can use existing Google Merchant account by selecting it from the drop down.

Google Merchant Center Account

Create GMC Account

Now you can sync your product

Product Sync Conversios

On the product sync page, click on the Sync New products button where we can map the WooCommerce products to their respective product categories. Hence, the options are present in the Merchant center.

GMC category

Sync New Products

Once your syncing is done, boom! You can now run your Pmax campaigns

Step 5: Create your Pmax campaign

You will find the Performance max tab in the Conversios plug-in

Performance Max tab

Click on the create new campaigns after entering into the Performance Max tab

Performance Max campaigns

Enter all campaign details with your target ROAS, and boom we are done. You Pmax can be made LIVE now

Performance Max details

If you are more curious about Pmax and want to learn, you can read more here.


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How To Setup Performance Max Campaign Using Conversios!